Hello! I'm Ava, a climbing enthusiast here to help you pick the best gifts for climbers, ensuring smiles and excitement with each choice.

Just six years ago, I started indoor climbing. Now? I can't get enough of it – whether it's bouldering competitions or climbing outdoors at Bonehill Rocks in Dartmoor, UK.Buying for climbers? It's tricky. Gear's personal, and safety's key. That's why I'm here to help.Choosing safety gear for a climber is a task best left to the climber, given the importance of sizing, compatibility, and specific needs of your climber.

Avoid the uncertainty by gifting from mycurated selectionof fun, everyday items that any climber would find useful and delightful.

And guess what? Every gift you choose from this list helps the planet too – atree is planted with each purchase. Plus, keep an eye out for a special surprise in this guide – afree pair of socksthat climbers will love, and yes, they come with a tree planted in their honor!

Join me as we explore these perfect climbing gifts, each making a positive impact on our planet. 🌍🧗‍♀️

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1. Handmade Key Holder


Check this out – a key holder that rocks (literally).Handcrafted to look like a mini rock face, it's as cool as it is useful. Easy to put up, and it comes with these funky little nut keychains that’ll make your keys stand out. No more boring hooks for your keys, just pure climbing vibes.

2. Rock Climbing Mug


Know a coffee-loving climber? Surprise them with these Climbing Mugs. Combining a love for coffee and climbing, it features a real climbing hold handle. It's a thoughtful way to add a bit of climbing thrill to their daily routine. A practical, yet exciting gift. Every time they use this mug they’ll be reminded of you who gave it to them.

3. Climbing Wall Socks

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Hold on to your harnesses – believe it or not, Climbing Wall Socks are on the house! Yes, you read that right. Those cozy, climber-loved, combed cotton socks? Absolutely FREE. It's a deal that almost sounds too good to be true, but it's just our way of saying thanks for dropping by.

Ready to get a pair? Just hit that button and they're yours to own. All comfort, no cost – free socks, no strings attached.

4. Climb Salve


Climb Salve is a climber's best companion for hand care. Rich shea butter meets protective beeswax to heal and fortify skin after every climb. A thoughtful gift that says you care about their hands as much as they care about their climb.

5. Climbing Magnets


Turn their kitchen into a climber's playground with these vibrant Magnetic Bouldering Holds. Not only will they keep notes and photos secure, but they'll also add a dash of climbing spirit to their space. A simple, charming gift to remind them of the you even while they raid the fridge.

6. Know Someone Glued to Their Computer?


Big desk? Upgrade their workstation with a grand 90 x 40 cm deskmat in our watercolour style. Made frompremium fabric that pops and a cushy 4mm thickness to pamper your wrists, it's luxury meets utility. A rubber base keeps everything rock solid on their desk. This is a popular gift for programmers and those who work at their computers.

7. Canvas Tote Bag


Big desk? Upgrade their workstation with a grand 90 x 40 cm deskmat in our watercolour style. Made from premium fabric that pops and a cushy 4mm thickness to pamper your wrists, it's luxury meets utility. A rubber base keeps everything rock solid on their desk. This is a popular gift for programmers and those who work at their computers.

8. Climbing Necklaces


With a male climber for him and a female version for her, they're a match made in climbing heaven. They'll carry a piece of their adventures close to their hearts. Ideal for climbers who carry their love for the sport on and off the rock. When words fall short, let this necklace speak of the admiration you hold for their climbing devotion.

9. Boar Hair Climbing Brush


Think they've got everything for climbing? If a climbing brush isn't in their bag, it's time for an upgrade. Made with sustainable wood and sturdy boar hair bristles, it's the unsung hero for that next big send. Plus, it's kind on the planet. Perfect for a 'grippy' performance, they’ll thank you at the top!”

10. Finger Tape


Help your climbing friends leave bandaids for booboos. This Zinc Oxide Tape is their new best friend. It's what they'll need for a pain-free climb, giving their hands the TLC they deserve. Breathable, just the right size, and it sticks like a dream – it’s a must for anyone who loves to scale walls.

11. The Ultimate Hangboard


Ready to be their favorite person? This Hangboard is more than a gift, it's a milestone in their climbing journey. Crafted to challenge and improve their hang strength, it's the indoor upgrade they didn't know they needed but will wonder how they ever lived without. Perfect for the climber who’s serious about their sport. It's tailor-made for boosting endurance and finger strength.

12. Rope Cleaner Brush


Ever thought a rope could smile? With our Rope Cleaner Brush, it's all grins and safety. For the climber in your life, this is the 'thanks a bunch' they'll actually feel. Clean ropes aren't just nice; they wear out less. Plus, if you're feeling generous, offer to do the scrubbing. It’s practical, thoughtful, and shows you care about their passion and their well-being.

And there you have it – twelve handpicked, mostly handmade gifts that any climber would be thrilled to unwrap. Each one is crafted with care, thoughtfulness, and a deep understanding of what it means to embrace the climbing lifestyle.

Remember, the best gifts are not just about the item itself but the message it conveys. With these selections, you're not just giving a material object; you're giving a piece of encouragement, a symbol of shared passions, and a token of your support for their climbing endeavors.

Gifts That Keep on Giving: To Climbers and the Planet With every order from this selection, not only do you bring joy to your favorite climber, but you also plant a tree in their name — a gift to them and the earth. This holds true even for the Climbing Wall Cotton Socks that we're giving away absolutely FREE.

Don't miss out – grab your complimentary pair now, and we'll plant a tree for zero charge. Act quickly, though; this offer is only valid for a short period of time, or until we run out of stock!

Each tree planted represents a commitment to the environment, sequestering approximately 0.3 tonnes of carbon. That's equivalent to offsetting the emissions from producing two full climbing ropes or 120 meters of rope. By gifting from this list, you're contributing to a legacy of sustainability, aligning with the values that matter most to those who cherish the outdoors.

So, when you pick one of these environmentally conscious gifts, you're not just making a climber's day; you're making a difference. You're supporting a future where we all can enjoy the natural playgrounds that climbers call home.

Ready to show the climber in your life how much you care — about them, their passion, and the planet they explore? Choose your gift today and plant the seeds for a greener tomorrow.- Ava

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